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AVS ENTERPRISES was established in 2021. This Business was set up by a team having ample experience in the tea industry. The founders Messers Vapush Mann Singh having been a tea planter in a renowned company for 16 years, Anshuman Singh, again having worked for long years in the tea industry and having loads of experience of works in tea factories, together decided to set up a tea making unit that would  cater to the various tea loving peoples’ taste. They set up a factory in their home state of Himachal Pradesh, literally at their doorstep of their residence ,from where they could personally monitor the blending and packaging of their exquisite teas. The range of teas blended include aromatic Green and Black. The company is also making caffeine free Harbal Teas.

We at AVS enterprises aim to produce a wide variety of exquisitely blended and crafted teas with a view to achieve total customer satisfaction over a vast section of the society. Our Teas are marketed to cater to connoisseurs’ of this rich brew as well as to the typical die hard black tea only drinkers . Aside from  taste and variety quality control is our hallmark. There is no compromise in their endeavors to produce the best teas.  

Our blending and packing faculty ensures that a healthy, hygienic product reaches the market – a product as perfect as can be.  

Our Range of Teas

At AVS Enterprises, only chosen teas from choicest gardens Known to the founders are selected for blending. These handpicked, selected leaves come from the tea gardens of Assam well known for their richness and flavors, They are blended to produce a wide variety of choicest products.

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Vapush Mann Singh


Vijyant Kanwar

Anshu Man Singh

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